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Order Your Executor's Guide Today!
Estate Planning 101-W.P.P.
Executor's Compensation Fee for overseeing a loved one's estate
DON'T WAIT until you become an Executor of a love one's estate.


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Order Your Executor's Guide Today!

When you go to our website it is there that you can order our Free Executor's Guide.  We mail them out within two business days.

Send us an Email to see if we can be of service to you and your estate matters.

Estate Planning 101-W.P.P.

For the love-of-your family and peace-of-mind.

Since 2008, after approximately 10 years of working with Executors in Alberta, I have learned two very important lessons. 

1.  Many families are unprepared from an estate point-of-view for when the unexpected happens.

2.  Estate planning can be a very low priority for many people/families regardless of age or income dynamics.

My experience in working in the industry has shown me that most families regret not being (estate-planning-ready) when accidents, illness or even death occurs.


peace-of-mind is more than a fancy phrase with us, it becomes your reality.

Read our latest testimonials from our former clients and how they as Executor's of loved one's estates have benefited in a timely and affordable way across Alberta, when teaming-up with us.

1.  "I discovered The Probate Coach one day while driving by a bus stop which advertised her services. I was thinking about hiring a lawyer to probate my mother’s estate, however, I found working with Carolyn an enjoyable experience because she is professional, efficient and knowledgeable.

Executor's Compensation Fee for overseeing a loved one's estate

The executors' I have worked with over the past eight years all want to do their fiduciary duty well and the Alberta Surrogate Rules allow for them to be compensated within reason.  There are some factors to consider though:

1.  The residual beneficiaries have a say and will need to agree with the per cent you plan to take, from the whole of the estate.

2.  From beginning to end get a big Calendar and start logging your time and duty of your work on the Estate.  Including out-of-pocket expenses.

DON'T WAIT until you become an Executor of a love one's estate.

DON'T WAIT until you become an Executor, request your free Executor's Guide in advance of that date. 

When making a will, place our Executor's Guide with your will and other estate papers.  Your Executor will be very glad you did.

Being prepared reduces stress significantly and typically can save you time and money, especially when you team-up with us.

Thrifty is in, even for estate preservation

If life has you busy for the moment, schedule a workshop in the coming weeks or months. In the mean time, gain immediate value by requesting a free executor's guide. It is designed to be the Executor's checklist, at no obligation to you. Call 403-293-5488 or order online at

Alberta Estate is Intestate and Common-law relationships

In Alberta, if an Estate is intestate because no will was created and signed by a family member.  The Alberta Surrogate Rules are as follows for someone living common-law or have an adult interdependent partner living arrangement at the time the loved one passes away.

The adult interdependent partner lived with the deceased in a relationship of interdependence:
__ for a continuous period of not less than 3 years commencing _____________ and ending ___________________.

__ of some permanence of which there is a child

When wrapping up a loved one's estate.



Soon after a loved one dies, banks, insurance companies and land titles can insist that a Will be validated by the Court.  An application is needed even more when there was no Will created.  The estate may be frozen until the executor obtains a Grant from the Justice of the Court.

Executors are allowed to file their application with the Clerk of the Court without a lawyer when applicable, saving the Estate a significant amount of time and money.

Since 2008 Albertans have been teaming up with us because we demystify your duties, proofread your application prior to your filing it.

Matrimonial Property Act

Who can apply for the Matrimonial Property Act (MPA) in Alberta?
  • It only applies to spouses residing in Alberta
  • The MPA only applies to married couples
  • You can request a Judge to apply the rules of the MPA when you are separated or divorced (time limits do apply for the MPA)

Separated Spouse:
  • If you are separated from your spouse, but not yet divorced, you must start the action within two (2) years of the date of separation or else you must also start divorce proceedings.

Divorced Spouse:
  • You must start the action within two (2) years of the date of the Divorce Judgment.