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We are very pleased to offer a honest work ethic each and every time along with exceptional service.
"Dear Carolyn I am most pleased to be writing you to state we received the grant of probate:)! We cannot state enough praise for your service and have no problem recommending you to others. You really helped us out as we were under a time restriction as I live out of Calgary. I had compared several lawyer offices and was truly shocked by the fees and how they varied. With your service, you pay for the time required and not based on a percentage of the estate. Particularly with pensioners where most of the asset is tied in the house, why should one's loved one have to surrender more cash to a stranger. Most services are paid an hourly wage. You are a very kind soul and helped us work through the legal jargon in a most effective manner, I especially was impressed by your guarantee to stand by your work!. By all means add us to your testimonials.  Best Regard"
S.H. (Victoria, BC)      

 "Have been busy traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to Calgary, but have been meaning to send you a big "THANK YOU" for all of your expertise in getting that paperwork done!!! You are a God-send gift, when I needed the help!
Thanks again-" M.D. (Los Angeles)

"Hi Caroline, Funny thing is I was opening up my email to email you. I just picked up my probate today from the courts. I had to change one thing on the nc7 but it was very simple. But that part is all done now and phase 1 is completed. I wanted to thank you again for your assistance. It's funny how when you need something, somehow it all falls in to place. You were my saving grace, you made a very difficult situation a whole lot easier to deal with. Thank you for that. I will be letting everyone know of your service u provide and defiantly recommend you to future clients." K.B. (Edmonton)   

" This was my first experience having to apply for probate and thanks to Carolyn's service, I was successfully granted probate within several weeks.  I attempted to complete the process on my own initially but soon realized without some expert advice and direction it would be difficult.  I saved thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration.  I would highly recommend using Carolyn as your probate coach.  Thanks so much for your help!"

"I retained the service of By-Your-Side Probate Services to follow through on all procedures for probate on my Mother's estate.  I was so happy that I found the company, because going through a law office would have taken months & months at a greater expense.   I found By-Your-Side Probate Services to be very professional, efficient and to the point.  The fees for service were very reasonable, and the time for getting the probate complete was very quick.   I am extremely satisfied, and I would highly recommend the company to others."
C. K. (Canmore)

"Just wanted to tell you that the letter of administration was granted and came through without a hitch! I personally drove down to Lethbridge to pick it up on Thursday.  Thank you Carolyn for all your help and kindness throughout this process."

"My Dad passed away this past Spring and one of his wishes was for me,as Executrix, to try to get everything done as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  I jumped on Google to see what settling his Estate would involve.  I was lucky to find By Your Side Probate Coach and immediately called Carolyn Lawrence to ask for her help.  She was really well informed and gave me rates and advice.

Once we started the paperwork, it went quickly and easily.  All of the information was gathered by phone calls and email.  I was able to meet with her and her team to pick up the final draft.  It was a quick trip to the Court House to file the papers and wait for the Grant.  The wait was just under 3 months and we had our Grant.

My Dad always said that if you take care with the small details - then there are no big ones.  Carolyn makes sure that every detail is matter how small.We feel that she was well worth the  fee that she charged as a Lawyer would have been a huge amount and it would have taken a lot longer to get it done.
Thank you to Carolyn and her team."

"Thank you Carolyn for the professional and excellent coaching when administering my aunts estate.  It was not an ordinary probate as I was not the appointed executor in the will, there were amendments on the original will and I needed to consider the needs of the public trustee.  I was overwhelmed when I picked up the paperwork at Queen’s printers.  Where do I start?

After discussing the options on the best, most timely and cost effective way to advance we ended up applying for a grant of administration with will annexed.  I needed all the beneficiaries approval when applying to act as the executor.  Carolyn provided the guidance and what seemed overwhelming in the beginning was not so bad.  She made it seem easy and encouraged me through the process.  We got the job done with one minor amendment.  I couldn’t have done it without her."
A. T.

"This was the second time my family used the services offered by By-Your-Side Probate Services.  I would recommend her services in this difficult time.  You do not need to do this on your own."   

"I have so appreciated Carolyn's expertise as I have worked through the probate process with my mother's estate.
She helped me understand how to have the appropriate forms filled out, including out of town and out of province considerations, and I know this helped the application for Grant of Probate go through quickly.  
I filed the application on February 12 and picked up the grant on April 26.  Having the services of the Commissioner for Oaths available as part of the process also took care of several additional steps that I would have needed to take if they were not connected to Carolyn’s services.  
I would recommend By-Your-Side Probate Services to everyone!  Thank you Carolyn."

"With the daunting prospect of probate for my husband's estate, I procrastinated more than I should have.  I didn't want to pay high legal fees, but neither did I want to walk through the 3 pounds of paper that came from the Queen's Printer when I started to do the work myself. Somewhere along the way, I saw an ad for Probate Coach, and I thought that was just what I needed.  Indeed, Carolyn's services were just perfect, and her fees very reasonable.  Carolyn guided me through the process, and nagged (gently) often enough that I finally collected all the details that we needed.  When ultimately I was in a position to file the Probate, it went through like butter; approved without a hitch.  In fact, Carolyn found more than one error that the lawyer had made in forms associated with my husband's will. I can happily say that I am a very satisfied customer."

"Our family found Carolyn’s service while using Google to search for help with the probate we needed to do for my late mother-in-law and father-in-law.  I had just finished a conversation with a lawyer, who was going to charge our family the sum of $500 00 per hour just to look at the work we had done so far on the probate papers. After speaking with Carolyn at length, our family decided to give her services a try; what a blessing she has been to us!  Not only did she steer us in the right direction, but she took the time to find out specific issues surrounding our unique circumstances – and she did so at a more than reasonable rate.  She helped us through each and every seemingly insurmountable hurdle, so that when we did submit the paperwork to the courts, they went through without a hitch. I would highly recommend her services; you won’t regret the choice."
R. E.

"Hello Carolyn, I just wanted to say thank-you for the professional job you did for me on the probate application."

"Thank you very much, Carolyn! You offer such a great service!"

"My husband found Probate Coach online. Carolyn Lawrence (Probate Coach) met with us promptly and presented as extremely professional. She was very well organized and explained the process of filing for probate in a clear, and easy to understand manner. Ms. Lawrence walked me through step-by-step and answered emails and phone calls quickly when I had questions or needed clarification. Due to her excellent and thorough instruction, I filed the probate for my mother’s estate effortlessly. It was approved by the Court in the beginning of December with no issues. I would highly recommend the Probate Coach (Carolyn Lawrence) for anyone dealing with a recent passing of a loved one. She was kind, efficient, trustworthy, and incredibly less expensive that using a law firm. Thank you Carolyn, for making a difficult time so much easier."

Just talked to the clerk of the court and the probate was approved and they mailed it back yesterday so I should receive it early next week.  Thank you again for how quickly you had everything together.

"Hi Carolyn. 
Just touching base to let you know that the surrogate court has probated the will so we're getting close to the end of the line. :) 
Thanks again for all your help. You were instrumental in getting the app approved on our first pass. I'm really glad I found you. Much appreciated !!"
B & K

"Dear Carolyn,
On behalf of my daughter Erica and myself, we would like to express our sincere thanks for all of your assistance and support. When we realized that we required a grant of administration letter for my late husband's estate, we were overwhelmed with the question of where do we start and fears of how difficult it was going to be weaving our way through the court system, especially during such a time of sorrow for us. With your calm, confident expertise in guiding us through the process, you were able to put our fears at ease and gave us the confidence to successfully see it through. You are truly a blessing...thank you so much Carolyn!
Kindest Regards,"

"Hi Carolyn,
I filed the application on Monday 16th and picked up the signed completed order on Wed. 18th. Everything went off without a hitch, your instructions were bang on.
Thanks for your valuable assistance
J. G.

"Just wanted to let you know, late yesterday afternoon got a call from Surrogate Court saying that the expedited probate has been granted(that was within two days after dropping it off.)  By-Your-Side Probate Service did a wonderful job.  A fantastic job was done.
Thank you very much."

"I was quite intimidated when I received a large stack of legal forms required to complete the probate process on my mother’s will. Many people told me to use a lawyer, advising me that probating a will was a difficult time-consuming process and that if it was granted there would be a nine-week turnaround. Carolyn helped me sort through the forms in a professional, orderly and logical manner. She listed items I would need to gather and she promptly responded to my telephone calls and emails in a supportive and friendly manner. I was pleased to have the probate granted without any issues in about three weeks.  The service that Carolyn provided was excellent and I would certainly recommend her services to others."
K. M.

"Hi Carolyn,
Thank you again for all your guidance and hard work on the probate. We all really appreciated what you did.  It is a great service that you offer.  Everyone I've talked to about the estate matters refuses to say anything regarding legal matters so without someone like you, people would have to use a lawyer.  I hope this testimonial will be of help to you and your business.
 Kind regards,"

"To whom it many concern:   I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Carolyn Lawrence re: By-you-side Probate Services.  My husband passed away recently and I was overwhelmed with everything that had to be done and did not know where to turn. Someone referred me to them and I was not disappointed. I had a very small Estate and if I was to go through a lawyer it would have cost me alot of money and time compared to the affordable rates for a probate coach. Carolyn guided me through the whole process and had all the necessary paperwork ready. She was very efficient, knowledgeable and professional and was very caring knowing what I was going through and didn't want me to worry about the small things necessary to complete the transactions at hand.  If I had hired a lawyer, it would have taken weeks or even months to get things rolling, but having a Probate Coach, things were done so much quicker and it eased my mind knowing I didn't have to wait months to get the paperwork going.  Many Thanks Carolyn and I would recommend to everyone to contact By-Your-Side Probate Services."

"What a great relief it was to file my application for a grant of probate with the surrogate court last week.  Carolyn helped me organize the information I needed and then to present it in on the right forms in the right way.  But her great gift was to give me the confidence to march right up to the 7th floor wicket in the Calgary Courts building and present the application to the clerk, knowing all the t's were crossed and the i's dotted.  It's not so much that the process of applying is that difficult when you know what you're doing, but it's sure intimidating if you don't."
J. G. 

"Carolyn I was very happy with the service you provided with respect to both the cost and the prompt efficient manner in which things were done for me. Also the reassurance that this is a process that has to occur and not necessarily a traumatic event for the budding executor. I have no problem with telling people to perhaps contact you as a source for consideration should they find themselves in need of a probate coach."MIKE

"Efficient, Cost Effective, but most importantly, I got the Probate application to the court weeks, if not months before a lawyer would have done it."
J. H.

"Carolyn's services were invaluable to me in guiding me through this process.  I learned a lot and saved a ton of money.  For anyone with a small estate like I had and wants to avoid the high cost of probating a will in Alberta I highly recommend By-Your-Side Probate.  Carolyn was great to work with and supportive throughout this entire process.  Thanks Carolyn!"
W. H. (Calgary)

"Hello Carolyn I have got the Grant of probate for my Moms estate without any issues, please use the following as a testimonial on your site. Upon the death of my father I weighed the options on how to get his Will probated.  When I found "By-Your-Side Probate Services" and a bit of searching the internet on the process of probating a Will I decided to use Carolyn's help. I am extremely satisfied with the guidance that she provided and the flexibility of her schedule.  Carolyn was very professional and willing to take the time to explain the steps to be taken to have the outcome I needed. A year after my fathers passing my mother also passed away and having recently gone through the probate process it was less stressful knowing that with the help of By-Your-Side I could complete the process again in a timely manner and saving the estate a substantial amount of money. Your help is greatly appreciated Carolyn." Thank you. G.B.

We just want to thank you for your valuable assistance. Your service was more than professional, personal and spiritual in a difficult time when all the legal issues after a loved one dies confuse us. You clearly and simply helped us solving all our concerns. Everything that you suggested was good. We don’t need to expend time and money using a lawyer. We would highly recommend your service to anyone.  Again, thank you so much,God bless you. B & F

"This was my first experience having to apply for probate and thanks to Carolyn's service, I was successfully granted probate within several weeks.  I attempted to complete the process on my own initially but soon realized without some expert advice and direction it would be difficult.  I saved thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration.  I would highly recommend using Carolyn as your probate coach.  Thanks so much for your help!" M.R.

" Hi Carolyn, I didn’t think I would have to bother with Probate for my Mother-in-Law’s small estate until I realized the title of the house she shared with her surviving husband was solely in her name. I was horrified to find what this could cost through a lawyer when the only reason for probate was simply to get the house transferred to my Father-in-Law. A friend of mine suggested Carolyn’s services and after my first meeting with her I knew this was the right path to take. She gave me the confidence to do this myself with her assistance. What first appeared to be an intimidating process was pretty straight-forward with her coaching. I received the grant of probate with no issues within a few weeks of applying and have since distributed the estate with just a bit more coaching from Carolyn. This saved the estate thousands of dollars that I know the beneficiaries greatly appreciated. Carolyn Lawrence was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her service to anyone. Thanks again for everything and I will continue to recommend your services every chance I get." Cheers, G. G.

"Thank you very much for your help with my wife’s probate. It has taken me 2+ years to bring myself to do this so prolonging it anymore was not in the question.  We sat down and filled out the forms in less than 2 hours and then you proofed them on line for less than 1 hour. It took 4 weeks and no errors or omissions thanks to your knowledge of what could happen and heading it off. So thanks again for your service." S.B

"Hi Carolyn,Well I finally got the grant of probate...two weeks ago actually.I have been so busy since then I haven't had a chance to thank you for all your help.I'm glad I did the application myself as it helped me really learn the process and it saved the estate a lot of money it doesn't really have.I couldn't have done it without your assistance though, so I just wanted you to know I appreciate everything you did for me.It wasn't easy, apparently it never is, but we got it done and now I can move on with settling the estate, which begins with selling the house.And that's another whole new process (meaning more piles of documents).Thanks again"J.N.

"Thank you so much for all your help throughout this process. I know I never could have waded through all the forms or jumped through all the hoops without your guidance. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your services."  Sincerely, C.O. 

"Hi Carolyn, "When faced with being an Executor, I thought how hard could this be and started down the path of doing it myself. I soon realized that I was in over my head. Not knowing where to turn I contacted a few estate lawyers only to realize that their enormous fees would eat into the estate quickly; there had to be a better way. I used Google and found By-Your-Side Probate Services. After the initial consultation, Carolyn had this calming effect and I was reassured that I could do this. Quick to the rescue; Carolyn coached me through all the necessary government forms of obtaining a grant of probate and the phases of executing the estate. During a time of grief, coupled with not having any experience with estates, I really don’t think I could have done without Carolyn’s assistance. The fees are totally reasonable and the customer service is second to none. I will be recommending your services to anyone I know that is faced with this challenge. You were truly God sent during this difficult and challenging time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Thank you again Carolyn"   P.H. 

"Hi Carolyn, on behalf of my family, thank you so much for all your support during a very difficult and trying time after losing our mother. At first, we did not know what needed to be done and it was really overwhelming for all of us. Thankfully, I heard your ad on the radio and checked out your website to find out what a Probate Coach did. It was definitely the right decision to contact you. Right from the start, you were thorough, answered our questions and your rates were very reasonable. We greatly appreciate your professional, caring and personal approach helping us understand the necessary steps required to file for probate in Alberta. I was impressed that you took the time to review and ensure our documents were completed correctly before we filed. You were always available when we had questions and when you didn't know the answer, you would do the research and get back to us. This was especially important for when we had to file for Resealing of Probate in BC, as well. Thank you again for your assistance, we would definitely recommend your services to others.Take care," S.O. (Calgary)   

"Hey Carolyn
Just FYI - got the call that the grant was done and we can go pick it up. Thanks for your help."
C.P. (Calgary)

"Hi Carolyn, I'd like to say how impressed my wife and I were with the wonderful service we received from Carolyn as we went through the paper work involved with applying for probate.  We being seniors needed someone to walk us through the right answers making sure everything was perfect so there were no glitches. Carolyn was so patient and congenial with us and she even went to surrogate court with us.  Her fees are very attractive given what lawyers charge so all in all "By-Your-Side Probate Services was certainly by our side all the way." A.G. 

"Dear Carolyn: Thank you again for being so awesome. It was such a pleasure to deal with you and look forward to seeing you once we return." C.P. (Calgary)    

"We are so grateful to our Probate Coach Carolyn!  Prior to hiring her, struggling through the documents and information needed to settle my Grandmother’s estate was overwhelming.  Carolyn came right to our home to assist us and coached us through the entire probate process step by step.  With Carolyn’s help, what seemed a truly daunting task became almost effortless.  Without Carolyn’s help we would still be frustrated beyond belief and I am sure the estate would still be unsettled.  What a godsend Carolyn is.  Thank you soooooo much Carolyn, you are amazing!"Thankfully,

 "Using the services of Probate Coach is one of the best decisions I've made.  After weeks of trying to puzzle thru the hundreds of documents, Probate Coach Services took all the worry and anxiety out of completing the process.  The service provided was timely, courteous and lifted such a burden at a very difficult time, not to mention a most substantial savings.  I sincerely recommend the services of Probate Coach for timeliness, accuracy, cost savings, professionalism and empathy". A.C.

  "Carolyn was a true professional during our probate process. As executors of estate, we appreciated her ability to keep us on track through the process while also providing insight that we would have otherwise not known. While it seems that many companies try to take advantage of those who are grieving, it's a breath of fresh air to work with someone who is not trying to take advantage of you or rush you through a process that you feel unready for"