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By-Your-Side Probate Services offers:

  • Preparing your application or proofreading of application for grants, either way we've got your back, at this sensitive time.
                       Duties demystified 
                       Coaching (step-by-step easy instructions from start to finish)
                 Beneficiary Release  (necessary, whether filing an application I court or not)
Updated Financial Statement
Statement of Distribution
Executor's Compensation Statement (if applicable)
Beneficiary Release Form

Call us before you order your application forms from Queen's Printer of the 300+ pages in the package you will typically only use less than 20 pages for most estates.

Application Forms

We can walk you through the work that is needed once you have ordered your Queens Printer forms when you have to prepare the application for the Clerk of the Court.

Administrators/Executors outside of Alberta
We also coach and work with executors or administrators who live outside of Alberta, needing to probate in Alberta.  Our former clients have lived across Canada, the U.S. and even as far away as the Netherlands.  Distance has not affected the work quality and our turn-around time for filing in Alberta.

Proofread only  Some Executors prefer to obtain the Queen's Printers application for grant of probate or grant of administration and only need our services to proofread the same, before filing with the Clerk of the CourtWe do give you great results, and the professional service we offer is an affordable solution. Avoid unneeded frustation.  
We also proofread applications that have been bounced back from the court for correction (within Alberta) - some exceptions may apply

 Other services:

- Certificate of Clearance (from Revenue Canada)
Commissioner for Oaths (in-house)
Executors Workshops - lunch & learn workshops 

1/2 hour free consultation
(no obligation, required)