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Since 2008 

Our former  client's saved significant time & money 
for their loved one's estate!

Our former clients easily testify that By-Your-Side Probate Services does save them time and money.

Fee Service Structure
GST applies to all invoices

1. All clients pay up-front - *$250.00 + GST* 
To secure our service & expertise on any new estate

2.  Thereafter - *$90.00/hour + GST *
Billed on application work.  (applies to Phase I, & III) 

Every estate is different (inquire)
with or without a will.

3. Phase I (in Alberta)

Application for grant of administration or grant of probate, etc.

- Prepare application/proofread application.
- Coach executor(s) through their duties

4. Phase I (in Alberta)

Application for non-grant (filing with Court not required)

- Prepare application/proofread application.
- Coach executor(s) through their duties.

If you are filing your own application, call us to proofread before you file or if it gets rejected by the Clerk of the Court, 
(some exceptions may apply. inquire)  

5. Phase II - Beneficiary Release.

Property inside or outside Alberta
Updated Financial Statement
Statement of Distribution
Executor's Compensation Statement
Beneficiary Release Form
(Inquire on Option A or Option B -  flat rate fee)

Executors need to be released from duties by the beneficiaries, important.

6. Phase III - Resealing of Grant.

Property inside or outside Alberta
(some exceptions, may apply)

Prepare application/proofread application.
- Coach executor(s) through their duties.


1/2 hour free consultation
(no obligation, required)

Hours of operation to assist our client better is not set in stone. This allows us to accommodate your schedule better.