By-Your-Side Probate Services - Service Fee Structure
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Executors,are very pleased to team-up with us!

1.  All clients pay up-front $250.00 to secure our service and to have a file opened.  All  invoices are charged GST.

2.  Thereafter, a fee of $90.00/hour is billed for application for grant of probate or administration.
(We are well known for keeping our hourly service at the lower end, whenever possible.)

3.  Phase I:

  • prepare and proofread application for grant of probate/administration
  • coach the executor(s) through their duties from start to finish.  
  • Turn around time to ready your application for filing is very good.

If applicable you may also need done:

4.  Phase I:

  • Non-Grant Application (inquire) 
                 (instead of Application for Grant of Probate or Administration.)

5.  Phase II:

  • Beneficiary Release Forms + Package, required and expected by the Beneficiaries. (inquire)

6.  Phase III:

  • Resealing of application for grant of probate or administration. 
  • (some exception may apply.)

1/2 hour free consultation. 
("our services may be a match for you.") 

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Hours of operation to assist our client better is not set in stone. This allows us to accommodate your schedule better.