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Alberta Courts allow executors to apply for a grant of probate or grant of administration on their own without using a bank lawyer or a law firm if they so choose.  Since 2008 executors have been teaming up with By-Your-Side Probate Services to have their duties demystified while saving significant time & money.  

Easily choose a funeral service near you.

Calgary Land Titles  403-297-6511
Transfer of real property in Calgary and area.

For the purpose of minors or dependent loved ones.

Edmonton Public Trustee 1-780-427-2744
For the purpose of minors or dependent loved ones.

Edmonton Land Titles 1-780-427-2742
Transfer of real property in Edmonton and area.
Lawyer Referral  403-228-1722 or 1-800-661-1095
If you need to choose a lawyer due to complicated or contested estate, you can choose between three lawyers before hiring one.

Mason Cleaning Services - Excellent Services - Best Rates in Calgary  $40.00/hour.  587-703-9987 Contact: Amy

MV Painting Inc.  403-667-3064
Do you need to liquidate a home or condo, but it needs a fresh coat of paint, first.  MV Painting Inc. has been serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 2008. They are experts in residential and commercial interior/exterior painting.  

need someone to move estate property.

Queen's Printer  1-780-427-4952
Executors call us 1st before ordering the application forms as we can explain some important details with respect to the 300+ pages they send you, 403-293-5488

Relocate Stress-Free  403-830-0929
need someone to evaluate estate property.

What to do when someone dies.