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As your probate coach, we service all of AlbertaReputable influencers including funeral homes, law firms, investment companies, accountants and others across Alberta continue to share the news about the valuable services we provide to families.

Our timely service has been growing, year after year.  Many of our former clients have given a testimonial as to how we have helped them save significant time and money while obtaining a grant of administration, or grant of probate from a Justice of the court in Alberta.

Besides our former clients being a strong voice in sharing our services to others.  Funeral homes across Alberta have been able to refer us as Alberta's probate coach, along with many other businesses.
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You can be confident when recommending By-Your-Side Probate Services to anyone, as we do maintain a best service practice for all of our clients.  We successfully work with administrators and executors where ever they may live effortlessly by Email, in person or by phone.

Understanding your fiduciary duties becomes easier with our probate coaching method.Executors Duties are demystified!

From start to finish, and step-by-step we demystify the executor's duties.  We remain accessible to our clients, even after the grant has been obtained, including preparing the beneficiary release forms.