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Besides our former clients being a strong voice in sharing our services to others.  Funeral homes across Alberta have been able to refer us as well, along with many other businesses.
Families, Friends, Assisted Living/Nursing Facilities, Banks, Former Clients, Financial Planners, Funeral Homes, Law firms and many other influencers across Alberta are sharing the valuable service we provide to executors and their families

Our reputable service has been growing, year after year.  Many of our former clients have given feedback of how we have helped their family at such an important and sensitive time.

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Executor's guide or checklist is best placed with the will for the benefit of your future executor.

Influencers can be confident when recommending By-Your-Side Probate Services to anyone, as we do maintain a best service practice for all of our clients.

We successfully work with administrators/executors in and outside of Alberta.  

Understanding your fiduciary duties becomes easier with our probate coaching method.

After a free 1/2 hour consultation call, if applicable, teaming up with us is typically the next step for many inquiries to receive our services.

We stay accessible to the executor(s) until they have wrapped up their loved ones' estate matters by:
- Email; Video Chat; Fax; In Person;
- Phone; Skype, Texting or Workshops

1/2 hour free consultation
(no obligation, required)

Hours of operation to assist our client better is not set in stone. This allows us to accommodate your schedule better.