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Getting your estate matters organized makes sense.  Let us assist with a private Executors Need-To-Know workshop.
Most executors typically are overseeing a loved one's estate for the very first time.  The best way to reduce their anxiety will be to request our free executor's guide for them, you will be helping him or her with their fiduciary duties. 

When you appoint an executor in your will, you need to choose a person or persons who will protect your estate according to your written wishes to the best of their ability.   Placing our simplified executor's guide with your will is a sure way to help the future executor carry out his/her duties successfully and with confidence. 

We demystify the executor's duties when having to wrap up a loved one's estate.


place it with your will, the future executor

The Executor's Guide becomes a quick checklist and a valuable tool to have during this sensitive time.

There are numerous duties that are listed in our executor's guide which becomes very helpful during the time of wrapping up a loved one's estate. Executor's guide or checklist is best placed with the will for the benefit of your future executor.

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