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There are no two estates alike. Your question(s) are important to us. 
  1.  Why our services are so quick and affordable?
  2. What if there is no will?
  3. How long does it take to obtain a Grant in Alberta?
  4. What is the difference between a grant of probate and a grant of administration?
  5. Difference between an executor and an administrator?
  6. I live outside of Alberta can I still be the Executor of an Estate?
  7. What if the estate has property outside of Alberta?
  8. What are N.G.A Forms?

Because every estate is different, as a former legal assistant and active probate coach, I can answer general questions and guide you to answers in the Surrogate Rules and Acts pertaining to probate in Alberta.

Contact us with your questions or inquiries.  Knowledge is powerful  We do our best to answer general inquiries.  We are unable to give legal advice.



Hours of operation to assist our client better is not set in stone. This allows us to accommodate your schedule better.