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  • To bring more compassion to the family, during this sensitive time.
  • Demystifying executor's duties.
  • Preserving the estate for the beneficiaries.
  • By-Your-Side Probate Services was created by Carolyn Lawrence in 2008.  With her legal assistant background, entrepreneurial spirit and genuine concern for others; Carolyn started the first probate coaching services which has been a much needed niche, in Alberta.
  • The business practice was founded on a belief, that the inheritance was left behind to be preserved as much as possible for the heirs/beneficiaries.
  • Simplifying the executor's duties by coaching, preparing, proofreading and readying the application for a Justice of the Court in Alberta is what Carolyn does best.  From start to finish the executor/administrator's work becomes easy and seamless.
  • From the executor's first phone call we share how to reduce your anxiety, your time and your expenses when teaming up with your Probate Coach. 
  • With a proven step-by-step method of wrapping up a loved one's estate, the executors and administrators stay organized.  We replace confusion  with knowledge.
  • Thanks to our former clients, By-Your-Side Probate Services has become a very respected option in Alberta for preserving the estate.
  • Reputable Influencer(s) across Alberta continue to refer By-Your-Side Probate Services to their clients and family.

Getting the inheritance to the beneficiaries in a timely manner reflects well on the executor while still maintaining the fiduciary duties.

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Hours of operation to assist our client better is not set in stone. This allows us to accommodate your schedule better.