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About Us
At By-Your-Side Probate Services we specialize in wrapping up estate work.

Happy family as Beneficiaries, probate.

Mission Statement
Preserving the estate for the family.

dove in hand.  Dove is our probate logo.

During this sensitive time, we provide excellent service at great rates.

Carolyn Lawrence
President/Commissioner of Oaths/Probate Coach
Carolyn is the President of By-Your-Side Probate Services.

As a former legal assistant, Carolyn created a niche that was non-existent for Alberta Executors, by becoming the first Probate Coach at By-Your-Side Probate Services.  Wrapping up a loved one’s estate just got easier.  No need-to-go it alone, let your Probate Coach demystify your executor's duties.

Stephen Lawrence
Accountant/Probate Coach

Stephen is the Accountant for By-Your-Side Probate Services.

Do not distribute the estate, before obtaining the needed Beneficiary Release Forms.  It is one of the last executor's fiduciary duties but too important to miss out doing.  Let Stephen coach you through Phase II for a flat fee.

Raeanne Bates
Commissioner of Oaths/Probate Coach

Raeanne is a Commissioner for Oaths at By-Your-Side Probate Services.Raeanne’s attention to detail as a Commissioner for Oaths for By-Your-Side Probate Services will help you to file your application with the Clerk of the Court.  Raeanne will make sure you get all signings done right, the first time.