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When you are wanting knowledge, time is never wasted.
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Latest Testimonial:
" This was my first experience having to apply for probate and thanks to Carolyn's service, I was successfully granted probate within several weeks.  I attempted to complete the process on my own initially but soon realized without some expert advice and direction it would be difficult.  I saved thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration.  I would highly recommend using Carolyn as your probate coach.  Thanks so much for your help!"

By-Your-Side Probate Services, knows all-to-well your executor's duties can quickly become overwhelming and confusing during this emotional and sensitive time.

As a former legal assistant in Alberta, now turned probate coach, our company provides excellent By-Your-Side coaching for all the stages of wrapping up your loved one's estate.  If required, we help you to obtain your grant from the Justice of the Court, in a very timely manner.

Our goal is always to help the executor understand that their work may take several months before being released from their duties and is a process not to be rushed.  When following our organized step-by-step proven method the end result has been beneficial for everyone.  (our portion of the work with the executor(s) only takes several hours.)

We take all calls, regardless of where the executor lives.  If applicable they can still team up with us as long as the estate is situated right here in Alberta.  Some executors will need to file an application with a Justice of the Court, other executors will only need forms that are non-grant application.  Over the years we have coached and worked with executors from across Canada and the U.S. and even as far away as the Netherlands.

You may or may not require the forms.

Each estate is unique, with or without a Will.
Queen's Printer sends the complete package of forms, 300+ pages.  Part of our service informs you of the exact pages you will need for your estate matter to complete the application work successfully.  Our specialty and experience ensures that all forms required get filled out correctly.

No need to go it alone, 
team up with us today!!
Free 1/2 hour consultation.
Probate services, probate coach, executor
  • administrative work
  • application preparation for grant of administration
  • application preparation for grant of probate
  • beneficiary release forms
  • commissioning of affidavits
  • executor's need-to-know workshops
  • land title documents
  • personal directive
  • power of attorneys
  • proofreading application
  • resealing Grants

Our Probate services will help you through with your loved one's estate concerns.Possible reasons for filing the application at Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta.

  1. Requested by Land Titles 
  2. Requested by Banks & Investment Co.
  3. Requested by Insurance Brokers
  4. Requested by Vehicle Registry
  5. No Executor named in the Will
  6. No Will was made at all


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