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As your probate coach
we believe wrapping up an Estate in Alberta when ever possible should be about preserving the estate for the beneficiaries, this is our top priority.


 Why Executors Are Beyond Satisfied
With Our Services!

" Hi Carolyn, on behalf of my family, thank you so much for all your support during a very difficult and trying time after losing our mother. At first, we did not know what needed to be done and it was really overwhelming for all of us. Thankfully, I heard your ad on the radio and checked out your website to find out what a Probate Coach did. It was definitely the right decision to contact you. Right from the start, you were thorough, answered our questions and your rates were very reasonable. We greatly appreciate your professional, caring and personal approach helping us understand the necessary steps required to file for probate in Alberta. I was impressed that you took the time to review and ensure our documents were completed correctly before we filed. You were always available when we had questions and when you didn't know the answer, you would do the research and get back to us. This was especially important for when we had to file for Resealing of Probate in BC, as well. Thank you again for your assistance, we would definitely recommend your services to others.Take care,"
S.O. (Calgary)   

"My husband found Probate Coach online. Carolyn Lawrence (Probate Coach) met with us promptly and presented as extremely professional. She was very well organized and explained the process of filing for probate in a clear, and easy to understand manner. Ms. Lawrence walked me through step-by-step and answered emails and phone calls quickly when I had questions or needed clarification. Due to her excellent and thorough instruction, I filed the probate for my mother’s estate effortlessly. It was approved by the Court in the beginning of December with no issues. I would highly recommend the Probate Coach (Carolyn Lawrence) for anyone dealing with a recent passing of a loved one. She was kind, efficient, trustworthy, and incredibly less expensive than using a law firm. Thank you Carolyn, for making a difficult time so much easier.

To start with:
By-Your-Side Probate Services, offers any executor or administrator:
  1. Duties Demystified
  2. Executor's Guide/Checklist  (free for the asking)
      3. probate coach(step-by-step easy instructions)
      4.  Switching from anxiety to peace-of-mind
      5Save time and money (time is relevant to the readiness of the estate information.)

Looking after the details of a loved one’s estate can be overwhelming while you are also grieving.  Executor’s take their responsibilities seriously but the work can be daunting for this unfamiliar work and duty.  Teaming up with By-Your-Side Probate Services reduces your anxiety at a time when Executor’s need understanding and solid coaching.  We not only save you time and money we simplify your duties from start to finish, ensuring that the assets of the estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries in a timely manner.

As your Coach integrity & preservation of the estate is forefront in our mind for you and your family.

We are just a call away, find out if our services are right for your estate duties.

Our Probate services will help you through with your loved one's estate concerns.The estate must be situated in Alberta.  Preferably at least one of the named executor(s) live in Alberta, that may not always be the case. Over the years we have coached and worked with executors or administrators who live across Canada, the U.S. and even as far away as the Netherlands.

Queens Printer Application FormsCall us before you order your application forms from Queen's Printer or other supplier, if needed they will send the complete package of 300+ pages by download or mail.  Each estate is unique, there are specific forms you will use.  No Estate will ever use all 300+ pages.  

Possible reasons for filing an application for grant of probate, etc.:
with or without a will we can help you.
  1. Requested by Land Titles 
  2. Requested by Banks & Investment Co.
  3. Requested by Insurance Brokers
  4. Requested by Vehicle Registry
  5. No Executor named in the Will
  6. No Will was made at all (administrator required)

When no application for a grant of any kind is required to be filed with a clerk of the court:
  • Use Non-Grant application (effective June 2015)
  • Inquire about the necessary documents that the Executor or Administrator of an Estate need to prepare on behalf of the Beneficiaries.

Other Services:
  • Coaching of Personal Directive Documents
  • Coaching of Power of Attorney Documents
  • Coaching of Will Kit
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • Estate Planning Coach (at a fraction of the cost)

By Appointment Only
Business Hours:  Mon to Thur.
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
We do make exceptions for clients working in the day and out-of-town clients.  We are flexible because you matter!
Skype: carolyn.lawrence98
Email or Call us to arrange for a Skype or Face Book Video Meeting.