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My Dad passed away this past Spring and one of his wishes was for me,as Executrix, to try to get everything done as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  I jumped on Google to see what settling his Estate would involve.  I was lucky to find By Your Side Probate Coach and immediately called Carolyn Lawrence to ask for her help.  She was really well informed and gave me rates and advice.

Once we started the paperwork, it went quickly and easily.  All of the information was gathered by phone calls and email.  I was able to meet with her and her team to pick up the final draft.  It was a quick trip to the Court House to file the papers and wait for the Grant.  The wait was just under 3 months and we had our Grant.

My Dad always said that if you take care with the small details - then there are no big ones.  Carolyn makes sure that every detail is matter how small.We feel that she was well worth the  fee that she charged as a Lawyer would have been a huge amount and it would have taken a lot longer to get it done.
Thank you to Carolyn and her team.


By-Your-Side Probate Services, knows all-to-well that your executor's duties can quickly become overwhelming and confusing during this emotional and sensitive time.  

No need to work alone, 
team up with us today!!

Since 2008 we have been demystifying the Executor's duties. Reducing anxiety and helping you to obtain a Grant, in a very timely and affordable way.

Our Probate services will help you through with your loved one's estate concerns.
As a former legal assistant now turned probate coach, our company provides excellent step-by-step guidance of application preparation & proofreading. 

Possible reasons for doing Application for Grant:

  1. Requested by Land Titles  (Property in Testator's name only)
  2. Requested by Bank(s) (Assets in Testator's name only)
  3. Requested by Insurance Broker (No Beneficiary named on Insurance Policy)
  4. Original Will cannot be found.
  5. No Executor named in the Will
  6. No Will was made at all
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Application for Grant of Probate may be needed for a Justice of the Court to validate the Will.

Application for Grant of Administration with will annexed.  No Executor was named in the Will.

Application for Grant of Administration No will was signed and dated by the Testator.


Forms for Non-Grant Application required by all Executors when application is not needed to file with the Clerk of the Court. (effective June, 2015)

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