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As your Probate Coach integrity and preservation of the estate stay forefront in our mind,for the executor and beneficiaries.

From start to finish we simplify the executor's duties.  
We believe executors take their responsibilities seriously but find their new unfamiliar duties can be overwhelming and daunting. 

Our solution: Team-up with us, we specialize in helping the executor to wrap up a loved one's estate at a fraction of the cost required elsewhere.  You will be glad you did.

We specialize and assist in the following ways:

Work listed 1 to 3 below are based on a flat rate. (not all phases are required for each estate.)
  1. Preparation of applications to obtain a certified grant for administration or grant of probate or Non-grant applications.
  2. Preparation of beneficiary releases with or without a will and with or without a certified grant, prior to distributing the estate.
  3. Resealing application for a certified grant of administration or grant of probate.  (some exception may apply)

After speaking with you, we confirm the correct application forms required for your estate matters.

Some may be based on an hourly rate. If:
  1. The net value of the estate is less than $25,000. (up-front fee still applies)
  2. When the executor has prepared his or her own application for a certified grant and needs proofreading only before it gets filed with the Clerk of the Court. 
  3. When the executor has prepared and filed their own application but it gets bounced back by the Clerk of the and needs us to proofread and correct the same.

Since 2008 By-Your-Side Probate Services is pleased to state a 100% success rate in receiving certified grants from the Justice of the Court for the executors who have teamed up with us.

Phase I(Inquire about which one applies to your estate matters.)

Application for a certified grant of administration:
Request to administer a loved one's estate from a Justice of the Court is in most cases, if:

  • No Executor named in the will.
  • No Will was made. 
  • Will cannot be found, nor copies of the same.

Application for a certified grant of probate: 
Will needs to be validated in many cases by a Justice of the Court, if:
  • Requested by Banks
  • Requested by Land Titles 
  • Requested by other Institutions 
  • Requested by Vehicle Registry

Non-grant Application (NGA) filing an application not required by the court but the court is expecting the executor to provide to the beneficiaries the NGA, instead.

Phase II (Inquire to find out if this applies to your estate work.)
Beneficiary Release Forms
the court is expecting the executor to provide to the beneficiaries, releases along with the compensation statement, etc. if applicable to your estate work.
Phase III (Inquire to find out if this applies to your estate work.)
Application for resealing a grant:
  • Deceased lived in Alberta owned real property outside AB, too.
  • Deceased lived outside Alberta, owned property in AB, also.

Former Clients' Testimonials

"Carolyn provides a very much needed service, by assisting with this process that would normally prove to be intimidating and daunting for most people, especially during such stressful times, and when so many other things require the executor’s attention as well.  As stated, she helps demystify the entire probate and guides you gently through each step until you are ready to submit.  It actually felt empowering.  Once started, you learn there is nothing to feel intimidated or anxious about...and I imagine you don't need a lawyer to complete this task, nor do you need to pay their exorbitant fees for something most people are capable of doing themselves, especially with Probate Coach's help!  You are patiently walked through each step, one at a time, so nothing feels overwhelming.
Probate was granted to me within 15 business days, which was amazing.  I can't thank Carolyn enough for providing this service, at a fraction of the lawyer's quoted cost!"  P.C.

"Carolyn, on behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank you for helping us thru a very stressful time.  You are wonderfully knowledgeable and efficient.  Your fee is extremely reasonable and our experience was very positive all the way around.  Everything went smoothly and we are very happy.  Thanks again."  L.B

"I was reeling with grief and Carolyn very confidently guided me through each step of the probate.  Every question I had was answered quickly and clearly.  I was able to probate the will with no difficulty and she ensured that every step was done correctly.
As a small business owner, I am very aware of customer service and word of mouth advertising.  I can confidently recommend Carolyn to anyone who is an executor.  This is not a job to do on your own.
I cannot measure my gratitude for her assistance.  It made what was one of the worst years of my life so much less stressful."  M.K.

"Carolyn provided services above and beyond my expectations, following the sudden passing of my Mother in July of 2017.  Having sole responsibility for executing my Mother's will, I felt lost as to how I was going to afford the exorbitant service fees.  Once I did some research and discovered "BY-Your-Side", Carolyn was more than thorough, sifting through any discrepancies that possibly existed in the will, crossing every 'T' and dotting every 'I', we were able to file the probate in September 2017.  Full probate was granted without any issues.  I heard from friends who had been through similar work for their parents and they expressed how they wished they had known about "By-Your-Side" prior to paying expensive legal fees.  Thank you to Carolyn for your utmost professionalism easing the pain in one of the most difficult times of my life.  If anyone is going through this in your family, or even forecasting this in your future, please contact Carolyn at "By-Your-Side Probate Services" before you explore any other options.  You will not be sorry."  S.M.

"My experience with Carolyn was amazing... I could not believe how confusing resealing probate could be. I honestly could not have done this without her. She carefully walked me through the process step by step and made sure everything was done correctly.
Thank you for making this potentially very confusing and expensive process extremely easy and affordable."  J.M.

"My parent's died within months of each other and although I knew I was their executor, I had no idea as to what that title entailed.  My dad was adamant that I was smart enough to carry out their wishes without help.  I knew I wasn't.  My parent's financial planner recommended By Your Side Probate Services.  Carolyn was a true professional during our probate process. As we appreciated her ability to keep us on track through the process while also providing insight that we would have otherwise not known. While it seems that many companies try to take advantage of those who are grieving, it's a breath of fresh air to work with someone who is not trying to take advantage of you or rush you through a process that you feel unready for."  P.G.

"Carolyn's services were invaluable to me in guiding me through this process.  I learned a lot and saved a ton of money.  For anyone with a small estate like I had and wants to avoid the high cost of probating a will in Alberta I highly recommend By-Your-Side Probate.  Carolyn was great to work with and supportive throughout this entire process.  W.H."


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