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Executors need choices too.
"When you are needing more knowledge, time is never wasted with us."



"Carolyn was a true professional during our probate process. As executors of estate, we appreciated her ability to keep us on track through the process while also providing insight that we would have otherwise not known. While it seems that many companies try to take advantage of those who are grieving, it's a breath of fresh air to work with someone who is not trying to take advantage of you or rush you through a process that you feel unready for"

There are five things that will be of most value to an executor or administrator when wrapping up a loved one's estate:

      1. Having your duties Demystified
      2. Executor's Guide (free checklist)
      3. Coaching
      4.  Saving Time
      5.  Saving money

Looking after the details of a loved one’s estate can be overwhelming while you are also grieving.  Executor’s take their responsibilities seriously but the work can be daunting.  Teaming up with By-Your-Side Probate Services reduces your anxiety at a time when Executor’s need understanding and solid coaching.  We not only save you time and money we simplify your duties as well, ensuring that the assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries in a timely manner.

As your Coach integrity & preservation of the estate are always forefront in our mind for you and your family.

No need to go it alone! 
We are just a call away, regardless of where the executor lives; a quick call to us will confirm if our services are right for your estate matters, before you start your executor estate duties.

Our Probate services will help you through with your loved one's estate concerns.When the estate is situated in Alberta more than often we can assist you.  Over the years we have coached and worked with executors from across Canada, the U.S. and even as far away as the Netherlands.

Free 1/2 hour consultation.

  • administrative work
  • application preparation for grant of administration
  • application preparation for grant of probate
  • beneficiary release forms
  • commissioning of affidavits
  • executor's need-to-know workshops
  • land title documents
  • personal directive
  • power of attorneys
  • proofreading application
  • resealing of Grant (if applicable, some exceptions)
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Possible reasons for filing  application with Justice of the Court:

  1. Requested by Land Titles 
  2. Requested by Banks & Investment Co.
  3. Requested by Insurance Brokers
  4. Requested by Vehicle Registry
  5. No Executor named in the Will
  6. No Will was made at all

Reason for Non-Grant application:
  • To be released from your duties by the beneficiaries.

Mon to Thur.
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
We make exceptions for clients working in the day and out-of-town clients.
We promise to be flexible because you do matter!!

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(Providing Services for Alberta Estates)

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